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Russell Baldwin


One good art instructor was all it took”, claims 23 year Santa Fe resident, Russell Harvey Baldwin; one good teacher to unleash his natural ability and uncanny sense of color enabling him to hone his skills. Soft pastels, which offer pure pigments and an irresistible array of colors, have become his medium of choice. Using his reference as a springboard, Baldwin transforms the subject into vibrant, often unexpected, expressions of his view of the world. A beautiful landscape becomes more beautiful, a striking sunset, more striking, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Baldwin escaped eastward over 40 years ago and has never looked back. When old friends ask, “what does one do in New Mexico?” he likes to respond, “watch clouds float by.” Indeed he has watched, and his keen observation combined with a uniquely developed mastery of his medium, has resulted in a body of work which stands apart.

That art instructor, now his wife, has been his muse for over 25 years.